Gel Nails

Gel nails have three layers: base gel, color gel and top gel. Soft gel nails are flexible, feel real nails, and are easy to handle. They dont damage your nails much, so can always have them on.


Clear $45
Solid color, Glitter (Gradation) $55
Color gradation, French $60
Design $0.5~
Feet - add $5 to the above prices.
Fill - Regular price + $3 (within 4 weeks), + $8 (after 4 weeks)

Gel Polish - Including Removal

Left around 2 weeks with solid color
hand $40
Feet $45
Combo (Hand & Feet) $75


Fixes crack nail or broken nails
Acrylic $5/1 fingernail
Tip overlayextension $4/1 fingernail


Removal $2.5/1 fingernail
Removal with new set $1.5/1 fingernail

Care - Bring your open toe shoes!!

Solid color polish $15
Water care $20
Water care with regular polish $30
Water care + Callus removal +$40
Water care with another care service +$10


Shiatsu massage 60min/$60
Lymphatic massage 60min/$70
Foot massage 30min/$30
Reflexology 30min/$30

Frequently Asked Questions

What is soft gel nail?

It has three layers which are base gel, color gel and top gel Nail is flexible, feels like real nail and easy to handle. It damages your nail much less. So treatment can be done continuously without rest time for your real nail. Completed nail looks deep, and it feels soft. Most customers come back to salon from 3weeeks to once a month to change it, and it doesn’t need recoating. It keeps gloss until you remove it.